NCEA is the way in which New Zealand students are assessed in schools.

This is either done externally (with an end of year exam) or internally (by teachers in the school) or a mixture of both.  Each subject is divided into ‘standards’ with a certain number of ‘credits’ which students earn when they pass the standard.  To gain a Level and go on to the next the following year, students need to earn a certain number of credits.


Year 11 / NCEA Level 1

Replaces School Certificate

80 credits needed – 10 must be in literacy (English), and 10 in numeracy (Maths).

Year 12 / NCEA Level 2

Replaces Sixth Form Certificate

60 credits are needed from Level 2 topics, plus 20 credits from either Level 1 or 2

Year 13 / NCEA Level 3

Replaces Bursary

60 credits are needed at Level 3 plus 20 credits at either Level 2 or 3

Please contact our Deputy Principal to discuss your son's level. For more information on NCEA go to


2014 ERO Report

In 2014, students achieved high success across Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEAs), and in University Entrance.

One student gained two outstanding New Zealand Scholarships and was top scholar in Te Reo Rangitira.

Tōku Moemoeā, promotes a strong sense of whanaungatanga and ako, resulting in collaborative interactions between teachers and students. Practices emphasise responsiveness to students’ sense of self, interests, strengths and learning needs. Teachers facilitate learners’ decision making and recognise the need to support students’ growing focus on understanding and explaining their own learning