Tōku Moemoeā — Our Curriculum

Small by design

Student to Teacher ratio is no more than 17:1

Advisory Group

The Advisory Teacher meets daily with an advisory group of 12-17 students. This is the core learning community and the centre of accountability for students.


Whānau play an important role in students’ education. From helping students develop their Learning Plan to participating in events, parents are an integral part of the educational community. This process empowers parents to play an active role in their son’s education and in the school community.

Personalised Learning

Each student has a comprehensive, individualised learning plan. The Learning plan identifies learning goals linked to the Key Competencies and authentic project work. The Learning plan is reviewed and updated quarterly. Student literacy and numeracy needs are attended to through this process.


The Programme

Three key themes are brought together in the programme:


By working with students to find their interests and ensuring that internships and projects are connected to those students.


By supporting students to learn to work with peers in the class, others in the College, with their Mentors and others in the Community.


By continually challenging students to deepen their learning and improve their performance across all learning goals. 

Advisory Teachers negotiate student learning plans, convene meetings with students, parents, Mentors, to develop the plans and discuss progress.

Tōku Moemoeā

In the Tōku Moemoeā programme, students must learn to organise themselves, motivate themselves, and follow the project timelines they have created. Students use a planner to plan their day, their week, month, term and year. Their project work is mapped out. Students learn best when they are doing something that they are passionate about in the real world. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and follow them through their internships and projects.

In addition to NCEA, student learning is evaluated and developed through a variety of performances, including a portfolio of work and quarterly exhibitions. Advisors provide written, in-depth assessments of each student’s progress. Students present their work and learning at the end of each term. They demonstrate accountability for all facets of their Learning Plan. The students, parents, mentor, advisor, peers and others who attend give specific feedback on the learners, their processes and products.  Students are expected to work toward the goals they have set, and regularly reflect on their work and learning. Whole community events for staff, students, families and mentors are scheduled throughout the year.